Saturday, July 6, 2013

Runner - Coming February 18, 2014

My next book, Runner, the first of a new series, hits the stands in hardcover next February.  The series will focus on a man named Sam Dryden.  In this first book, Dryden finds himself trying to save the life of a young girl named Rachel, who can't remember her past but who has some very dangerous people after her.  She also has an ability that should be impossible, and a secret somewhere in her blocked memory that could change the world.

Sometime within the next week or two, I'm hoping to have a link to the first three chapters of the book.  Please stay tuned!


John D. said...

Want. :)

John D. said...

Looking forward to this. I very much enjoyed THE BREACH series.

Frank Mora said...

Cant wait!!! The breach trilogy was awesome. I simply loved the concept, and all the gadgets. you sir have a fan!

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