Saturday, December 31, 2011

Blog Comments I Didn't Know About Until Just Now

Hey everyone. Looking at the settings in Blogger just now, I found a "spam folder" for comments; I didn't know this existed until now, but for a long time it's been blocking certain comments without my even seeing them. Most of these were not spam. Needless to say I posted them right away. Apologies to anyone who thought I was screening them out for some random reason; I definitely wouldn't have done that.


Frank said...

Apropos of nothing, I just wanted to say I picked up The Breach a few days ago figuring I needed something to read while I wait for the new offerings from Elmore Leonard and Robert Crais honestly not expecting much. But I'm hooked. There are many books I like the story but am unimpressed with the writing style, and vice versa.

But The Breach has both a great story and great writing. Kudos.

So it looks like Leonard and Crais are just going to have to wait until I finish your Trilogy. You are now in the pantheon of writers I'll be waiting for along with the above mentioned, Lee Child, William Gibson and Michael Connelly (alas, Robert Parker has passed). It such a short list and I spend a lot of time waiting. Its great to find someone to add...

So don't keep me waiting!

(no pressure)

CompMed said...

Just finished Deep Sky. Really makes you think about things. I truly find the irony between the "politicos" in the story and the current election climate almost scary. Will the people we put in place turn out to be Garner-like or just clones of Holt?

I spent 3 days in awe of the consumer electronics show in Vegas, looking for entities as I went along. In any case I enjoyed all three books and look forward to whatever comes next.

Tim said...

I heard about Patrick Lee from a long time dear friend and read all three books of the Tangent trilogy in a week and I am flabbergasted with the great story telling. Go Patrick!! Good job champ!!

Richard said...


1 . Love your books. Perfect alternative to the Game of Thrones books which are great but take forever.

2. You need a real Facebook page so we can get updates when you post. Your blog is very sporadic. FB would be easier and go right into our feeds...

3. Give us a clue as to what is next!!!



Brain of Morbius said...


I just finished reading all three novels in your Breach series.

Excellent writing...

Just one question for you, which you may not want to answer but would like to hear your speculative thoughts on (as I'm sure others would as well):

Do you feel that Travis Chase would have allowed the filter event to take place - for the sake of the future of the Earth?