Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Official Launch Date for Book 3

The third (and final) book of the Breach series, titled Deep Sky, will be in stores on Tuesday, December 27 of this year.

The book takes place a little over a year after the events of Ghost Country, and deals with one of Tangent's strangest secrets: a fact about the Breach that not even Paige Campbell has been aware of until now. Travis and Paige dig into this secret and quickly realize it may hold the answers to every question they've ever asked about the Breach.


MLH said...

Yay! I'm looking forward to this one. I have to say that I've really enjoyed these books. They've been the kind of books that I stay up late to finish reading and then feel sad when I get to the end. I'll hate to see the end of Travis and Paige and especially the "mystery" surrounding the the breach. Great work, Patrick! Thanks.....

MeTuLHeD said...

Last book of the series? Bummer.

I must confess, I had hoped that the series would go on to explore the more frightening implications of The Breach...namely who or what lies at the other end and what would happen if and when 'they' crossed over to our side. I had envisioned perhaps some kind of war for control of the earth with whatever living entities made the technology.

Of course, that may be what you have in mind for the final book.

At any rate, just a note to let you know just how much I've enjoyed both books and look forward to what you have in store for the future. For what it's worth, I frequent the very active site of my favorite author Scott Sigler. And I plugged you books there, both to readers of the blog as well as to the FDO Himself.

Sandra said...

I'm delighted to find out that we're getting another Breach novel. Can't wait. I'm a "listener" to book and hope the Audible version will be out at the same time.

Looking forward to the next book and, of course, any other books that you create in the future.

Gary said...

Have really enjoyed the first 2 books and am excited that the third will be coming out at years end.
I hope that we will see more of Travis and Paige.
Thanks so much for writing.

RylieH said...

Loved the first two books! I picked up The Breach on a whim and couldn't put it down. Ghost Country was the same. You have a good balance between character development, action, intrigue, and exposition. Keeps the pages turning fast! Too fast at times actually... I found myself feeling the dread of "oh no, only 100 pages left!" because I wanted the stories to go on (I'm typically reading the 800+ page novels).
I'm a bit saddened that Deep Sky will be the last Breach book because many times I've thought "Lee has created a brilliant concept of mystical objects from the future entangling lives... he could think up new objects for years and years! A writing gold mine!" I underdstand the need to move on, but based on the first 2 books, I expect to be satisfied by the next new concept you come up with. Well done!


Rockygirlcat and the 2 Mouse Sisters say:

We read The Breach and it blew our socks off! That's a total of 12 socks by the way.

We weren't sure if Patrick could do it again. We were absolutely riveted to Ghost Country, and are now true believers. It made our whiskers twitch.

We await the release of Deep Sky in December and are counting the days. Write faster. Write more books. We support you and will Twitter, Face Book, My Space, Hi5, Tag and put you on any of our other websites that we may have forgotten to list.

Aloha from Honolulu,
Pebble Mouse
Sandy Mouse


We are so impressed with your first two books and wish to request that you write faster. We are very impressed that our other favorite author Lee Child says such great things about you. It makes us sad that Travis will be going to the Literary Rainbow Bridge. We were kinda getting attached to him.

Our fondest wishes for faster writing and many more amazing novels.

Rockygirlcat and the 2 Mouse Sisters

ElmoFuntz said...

YAY! For the new book this year. Major BOOO!! for being the last one of the series. I LOVED the first 2 and I was so looking forward to many many more. I hope you write more books even if they are not the Breach series. You became one of my few favorite authors after I read Breach.

Stevie B said...

New York checking in. Patrick please dont let the journey end in the 3rd book. Ive found a new joy in my life after 44 years of looking....reading , thank you.

Plain Jane said...

Gotta agree with Steve B...and if you must wrap up the Breach series, then could you go ahead and think up another one? Haha - not so easy, I'm sure, but those of us who are going to be waiting in line at midnight to grab a copy of #3 on 12/27 would be eternally grateful knowing there's something else coming someday.

Adam Woodlawn said...

Glad to know the third book release date, looking forward to it!

And I'm another one who expected to have something along the lines of eight or ten Breach novels to read, rather than three, but I'll definitely check out whatever you come up with next as well.

Adam Woodlawn said...

Glad to know the third book release date, looking forward to it!

And I'm another one who expected to have something along the lines of eight or ten Breach novels to read, rather than three, but I'll definitely check out whatever you come up with next as well.

Beverley said...

Well, this is bittersweet news, I gotta say.

I love that we'll be getting a new Breach novel at the end of the year.

But, I was hoping for a long-running series. Bummer.

SoBeMomma said...

Just can't wait for this new book. Please keep giving us great reads.
I love your stuff :)

Wonderbread said...

Just finished Ghost Country in about 5 day, loved every second of it! Looks like I'll be getting the third book form Santa this year!

Steve Foerster said...

It's funny, usually when authors have endless series it seems as though they're just milking a franchise for all it's worth. In your case, though, the story really seemed like it was just getting started, and I was looking forward to picking them up for as long as you were inclined to write them. Sorry to hear that's only one more!

Sundowner said...

I purchased 'Ghost Country' by chance in an airport, just looking for a book to fill an intercontinental flight. Jackpot! It was thrilling, well written, twisted and retwisted and I loved every second of it. I saw that it was the sequel of a first book called 'The Breach', so I purchased it also through Amazon. Another jackpot.

It reminds me when I read 'Gateway' by Fred Pohl something like 20 years ago. The Breach and Gateway awakened the same feeling about the wonders and horrors being described.

Well, only one to go, unless Lee has something more to add... I will miss the Breach.

Big Country said...

Just saw on Amazon that you had a new one coming out. I can't wait for this one, because the previous two have been page burners for me. Sometimes I wish I could read the book slower and take more of the story in. But I guess that's why I re-read the books you write. A rarity for me, not counting any Geology books :)

zippy52 said...

While I was perusing my ships library for something to keep me occupied one Saturday on duty, I came upon Ghost Country. Since I am a fan of a good sci-fi book I picked it up and checked it out. I'm usually one of those that judges a book by it's cover and I wasn't disapointed at all! I finished it in record time! I real page turner!
The day I finished Ghost Country I went online and got The Breach from B and N and I can't wait to read it! It'll be waiting for me when I get home tomorrow...:)
I was hoping to get your last book for Chirstmas....:( Why are you waiting until after Chirstmas to release it? I guess I'll just have to wait for my birthday...12/31....:)

Voodoo78 said...

Congratulations for writing such a wonderful trilogy. I came across The Breach by accident and was instantly hooked. I downloaded the Kindle version of Deep Sky, within minutes of it being available here in the UK (00:05 GMT on the 27th of Nov) and had it finished by 12:00 the same lunch time. (I did sleep for couple of hours.)

I must say, I love the ending and wish there were more books on the way but I am 100% certain that you should not write anymore and leave the rest to our imagination.

My wife is a published author, who shall remain nameless, and is intrigued by your novel as she's seen how I devoured the book in such a short time and how deep I was into the world of Tangent.

Look forward to your next set of books.

T.L. Byford said...

I feel like I've been cheated. I normally get a week or two out of a book. I got a day and a half out of The Breach.

Left without anything to read, I ran out and got Ghost Country. Another day and a half later, finished with nothing to read.

Now I have to go get Deep Sky. You are blowing my book budget all to hell!

Seriously, awesome books. Keep 'em coming.


Steve Foerster said...

Most of the book was Patrick Lee's usual strong performance balancing technothriller action, Breach entity coolness, and occasional overall story arc revelations.

Then came the very last chapter. And at the end of that, when everything was finally clear, I was like "SHUT THE FUCK UP!"

Like in a good way.

Point is, it turns out that Patrick Lee is a storyteller who plans things in advance. I definitely look forward to his next series.

zippy52 said...

I completely agree with your assessment! At one point I was so into the book that my wife had to yell at me to get my attention! I predicted a lot of the book up to the last chapter…THEN WHAM!! Complete twist! I loved it! Only outstanding authors can get people like that.
Great job Patrick!

MyrrhMadeLobe said...

I just finished Deep Sky and my mind is blown. wow! I want more, don't want it to end. amazing!

Mike Bethany said...

One of the things I love about this series is the real thought that goes into the characters actions. In to many other books I end up mentally screaming at the characters because they're doing things no one, even crazy people, would do just because the author can't figure out how to make the story go in the direction they want.

With a single glaring exception in the final book when Paige uses the Tap (why not just tell her dad the truth?!) Mr Lee does a brilliant job of making the characters believable.

While I am sad to see one of my all time favorite sci-fi thriller stories end I can't wait to see what new fun Mr Lee dreams up next.