Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Guest Post Today on John Scalzi's Whatever!

The very cool John Scalzi invited me to write a Big Idea post about The Breach. His site, Whatever, is here (I doubt many people need that pointed out to them), and the direct link to the post is here. Needless to say I'm geeked! Thank you, John!


Chris said...

Just read your "Big Idea" piece, and was intrigued enough to click through to read the extract, which further intrigued me, so I ended up buying the book. Damn that Scalzi, he's costing me a fortune!

Good luck with the novel, the first chapters were good, and I hope the rest of the book follows suit.

You don't get many comments here, do you? Maybe you could post some cat pictures, or mention bacon, or something... :D

 Patrick Lee said...

Thanks for buying the book!! Haha, yeah, not a ton of comments here. Some cat/bacon combo might do it. With captions! But the grammar and spelling will have to be perfect, or it'll never work...

Brer said...

Just wanted to chime in and say that like the first poster I picked up your book based on your post at Scalzi's blog. I started reading it earlier tonight and I'm about half-way through it and enjoying it thoroughly. Congratulations on getting published, and thanks for the excellent read. For reference, I'm enjoying it enough that I'll be keeping an eye out for any future works from you, sequels or otherwise.

Ghost Rider said...

I picked up your book Tuesday afternoon, and finished it at 2:30 this morning - I couldn't put it down!

This was a great read, one of those rare books that come along (out of nowhere it seems) and you can't stop reading it until it's done. You're left wanting more!

My only criticism? I wanted to read more of your upcoming second book "Ghost Country"! :)

Thanks for a wonderful book!