Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Blog Post One Year in the Making

Wow. My last entry was just over a year ago, a post celebrating the deal on the first two books of the Travis Chase series. That was also the very first post of this blog. Way to light the web on fire.

Well, I've kept busy. At the time of the deal announcement, the first book was only a few chapters and a rough idea. (If that deal sounds like an insane leap of faith on the publisher's part, it's worth mentioning that they'd seen another manuscript of mine, which was complete, so there was at least some circumstantial evidence that I could string together a few hundred pages of sentences.)

I worked on the new book through the end of the year and into this past spring. It's called The Breach, and it should come out in the summer of 2009.

I'll probably be blogging more often from now on. After all, there's so much to blog about. Historical election. Worldwide financial extinction-level-event in progress. Impending feline invasion of Poland and France...

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